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People with multiple chronic conditions are at an increased risk for low quality of life.


The overarching goal of chronic care management is to help patients achieve a better quality of life through continuous care and management of their conditions.


chronic care management 

Chronic care management (CCM) services are services provided to our Medicare-insured patients who have two or more chronic conditions expected to last at least 12 months.


CCM services are extremely important components of an older adult’s primary care that can promote better health and reduce overall health care costs.


behavioral health integration

Behavioral health integration (BHI), combined with primary care, is widely considered an important strategy for improving outcomes for our patients with mental or behavioral health conditions.


Medicare makes payments to providers for BHI services they supply to beneficiaries over a calendar month service period. 

BHI Start

remote patient monitoring

Remote patient monitoring (RPM), sometimes known as remote patient management, uses the latest technology and modern healthcare strategies to efficiently gather our patient's data outside of a traditional doctor’s visit - this can be life saving for our patients living alone.


This technology includes bed sensors, smart glucometers, iPad app integration, and more.



transitional care management

 Transitional care management (TCM) services are required during the period between the hospital and home setting.


After a hospitalization, our patients may be dealing with a medical crisis, new diagnoses, or change in medication. MMA often manages our patients’ transitional care to ensure their extended well-being.

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