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Concierge Program 

  • What is the annual cost for the Concierge Service?
    $2000 annually due at signing of the contract/initial visit.
  • What age do you accept?
    16 years -110 years old
  • Is there a discount for families?
    Yes, If you live in the same house: 1 member: $2000 2 members: $3600 3 members: $5000 4 members: $6000
  • Why choose Dr. Laurie- (Nurse Practitioner) vs a Concierge Physician?
    1. In Martin County- most concierge physicians do not have hospital privileges and therefore do not have professional relationships with local specialists. Dr. Laurie has relationships with Physicians in most specialties and contact the specialists directly if there is an urgent need. Also, Laurie has a rapport with many ER physicians so she can expedite ER visits. 2. Most physicians are accepting 500 patients in a concierge practice and Dr. Laurie is only accepting 150 primary care concierge patients. 3. Most physician visits are done in a regular office setting and Dr. Laurie will come to you. If you prefer the office, you can be seen in her office, but she is MOBILE and ready to drive to you. 4. Dr. Laurie has been in the community for over 20 years and therefore has significant community ties with most healthcare agencies. She understands your needs as complicated as they may be and will find the right treatment approach for you. She has access and will utilize all community resources for you to maintain quality of life and navigate through the health care system. MOST PHYSICIANS DO NOT HAVE THIS ACCESS BECAUSE THEY DO NOT OFFER SUCH IN DEPTH SERVICES. 5. Dr. Laurie’s competency as a primary care provider is equal to or better than local physicians who work for large corporations. Physicians may be competent but they struggle with corporate policies and rushing patients during visits, and not having time to really understand the patient as a whole.
  • What can a physician do that a nurse practitioner can’t do?
    In the primary care setting, a nurse practitioner can do pretty much everything a physician can do. We can prescribe all tests, labs, medications, short term narcotics, and controlled substances. There are certain forms ARNPs can’t sign, and Dr. Laurie has a collaborating agreement with a local physician who assists in forms that require a physician signature.
  • Would I get my money back if I moved away, or into a nursing home, or passed away?"
    It really depends on an individual bases. If I have spent hours and hours with a patient in the first 1 or 2 months, and then they moved away, I would consider a partial refund. If I haven’t really had to do a lot of communication and you moved away, then I most likely would give you a full refund.
  • I am a healthy young person. What is the advantage of concierge?
    You are healthy until you are not. The annual exam and annual lab tests and an individual health goal is certainly worth it. But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to just send me a text message about your sinus infection or rash that you developed, or something easy and get a quick response anytime. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to even bother going to an urgent care when your physician’s office can’t see you. Wouldn’t it be nice to just get a script called in instead of being seen for a simple infection that you know will be cured with just a simple prescription.
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